maxx pro.

From professionals for professionals



It is more than the sum of its parts. The Convotherm maxx pro embodies a unique overall concept for the perfect results, efficiency, sustainability and helps lower operating costs. Exactly what you, as a professional, expect from a premium combi oven.





The big and small of it.

63 models, easyTouch and easyDial controls and 7 tray capacity
See the power and versatility that Convotherm can produce

Perform at your peak


Convotherm empowers you to be at your peak in tempo,
quality and flexibility.

Hand in hand optimised workflows and the best results
with Convotherm Management Functions.


The intelligent way to
smoke food


The integrated smoker in the combi’s chamber provides hot and cold smoking options for all Convotherm maxx pro range.

The patented design requires no additional power connection for its heater and it is easy to clean.



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