Focusing on the essentials

Convotherm – designed around you.

Because we listen to you, the customer, Convotherm combi ovens has been developed around your needs in the kitchen. The two control-panel designs – easyTouch and easyDial – give you the degree of control you need: from full automation to maximum customisation. The aim of both is to deliver the functions you need in a user-friendly design.

easyTouch – the user interface

The Convotherm easyTouch control panel brings you the latest touch controls via the 10″ TFT HiRes glass touch display with the scroll function and pictograms to make operation as simple as using a smartphone.

Press&Go: automatic cooking using quick-select buttons for optimum process reliability. With many different product categories at your fingers tips, there is no need to enter more information, such as size, browning level or core temperature, before everytime you cook. the start of the every cooking process.
Integrated recipe book: 399 cooking profiles containing up to 20 steps and On-screen Help with topic-based video function.
Climate management: HumidityPro, Crisp&Tasty, ecoCooking and Delta-T cooking functions.
Airflow management: BakePro, Crisp&Tasty, variable fan speed, ConvoSmoke functions.
Manual mode: Intervene with any cooking process even when the preset cooking profile is used.
TrayView: Maintain a complete overview on each shelf, even when mixing load in the chamber. The system will alert you both visually and by sound when a product is finished.
Tray Timer: Perfect timing from top shelf to bottom.
ecoCooking: Ideal for roasting, joints of beef or anything requiring long cooking times, this energy-saving function can be activated as desired in hot air and combi-steam cooking mode.
Cook&Hold: Temperature lowers automatically at the end of the cooking process.
Regenerate+: Versatile regenerating function preselect for à la carte, plate banquet and buffet.
Convoclean+: A fully automatic cleaning system ready to go with a touch of a button. Featuring 3 modes: eco, express and regular modes, with 4 cleaning intensity settings.
Connectivity: Connect with WIFI of LAN interface to access software updates and upload new recipes to multiple appliances on the network.
HACCP management: Evaluate HACCP data easily and analyse workflows


easyDial – the user interface

Configure your cooking profiles with ease thanks to the clever operating concept in the easyDial control panel. Everything at a glance with all the functions available in one level – even from a distance – on the large brightly-lit digital display with the central Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial) control unit.

99 cooking profiles each containing 9 steps
C-Dial and TriColour: Clear indication of current operating status: yellow for “in preparation”, red for. “In progress” and green for “ready”
Climate management: Humidity Pro, Crisp&Tasty functions
Airflow management: BakePro, Crisp&Tasty, variable fan speed functions
Convoclean: A fully automatic cleaning system that ensures optimal hygiene with 4 cleaning settings and 3 cleaning modes.
USB port: Integrated in the control panel for easy access to data
HACCP management: Evaluate HACCP data easily and analyse wokflows

Triple glass door

For lower energy consumptions, the robust triple glazing minimises heat loses – for lower energy consumption as well as a high level of safety and environmental friendliness.


Play it safe with Convotherm’s HygieniCare that uses an innovative material made from antibacterial and antimicrobial plastic. It reduces microorganisms’ growth on all the main surface areas, such as the user panel and the door handle.

LED lighting

The powerful and long-lasting LED light strip is integrated into the appliance door and lights the interior optimally.


Taking care of the total cost of ownership

The value of a Convotherm combi oven is greater than its price. German engineering for maximal performance and reliability whilst also lowering the total operating cost over the entire service life. This should be exactly what you, as a professional expect from a premium combi oven – simple to operate, simple to clean and in those odd events – simple to repair.

Focusing on the essentials:

High production quality and longevity

Reliability and durability as expected by German engineering design and workmanship. Convotherm was the first combi oven in the world to achieve DIN ISO 9001 certification back in 1995.

All functions are particularly simple to use

Whether used by a kitchen chef or constantly chaining team members, everyone can get first-class cooking and baking results.

Service friendly design

Components are designed in line with Plug&Play concept. It can be accessed without difficulty, reducing service and repair time.

Cost optimisation across the board

Unsurpassed efficiency in terms of energy and water consumption. Convotherm’s patented ACS+ closed system doesn’t let heat escape within the oven chamber so cooking is faster with less energy use. Various cleaning cycles in the ConvoClean program to only wash what’s required in the specific time and soil level with no wastage. What’s more, the wastewater is not harmful to the environment since the cleaning fluid is biodegradable.

ENERY STAR certified

Convotherm Combi Ovens are certified with ENERGY STAR ratings for their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design.

Smart technology
for efficient processes


The Convotherm combi steamer range has a combination
of sophisticated and intelligent functions
that help improve the efficiency of the workflow
for you and your team.




Reliable cleaning.
Maximum safety.


There is no need to contact any chemicals at the beginning of the cleaning process! The new fully automatic cleaning function includes a single-dose cleaning fluid dispensing in every user profile.