Ideal for:

For consistent quality, menu versatility and return on investment.

For the consistency in serving quality, continued support and cost-effectiveness.

Function centres, conference venues
For flexibility, stress-free high volume food production and short service time.

Convenience stores, supermarkets
For limited space, energy efficiency, ease of training and extended shelf life.

Schools, Colleges, Universities
For faster high volume food production, food waste reduction, menu variety and regulatory requirements.

Quick Service Restaurants
For speed and flexibility of service, menu versatility and ease of training.

Hotels, Casinos
For 24/7 food on demand, menu diversity, ease of training and increase in profit margins.

Health and Aged Care
For food on demand, quality consistency, compliance in food preparation and production (HCCAP recording).



With raw power and technical precision, Convotherm is your ticket to quality meals each and every time. The adaptable nature of the combi-steamer provides a huge opportunity for businesses to change how and when they prepare their menus by freeing up space once used for conventional cooking methods. This technology can vastly improve overall kitchen efficiency. With various sizes to suit every type of kitchen, it will fit right in so you can step right up.

Roast: Reduce cook time with maximum flavour retention and minimal weight loss.

Grill: Cook steak and other protein products to perfection, at the right time and temperature with tenderness and moisture retained.

Steam: Steam and poach protein and vegetables quickly and effectively without any flavour transfer across trays.

Slow cook: Ensure accurate temperature and control weight loss control to deliver maximum flavour and texture.

Overnight cook: Enjoy accurate temperature control and holding features the entire night without supervision.

Smoke: Perfectly smoke protein or vegetables with a touch of a button from the fully integrated smoking option in counter top maxx pro electric easyTouch models.

TrayView: Maintain an overview during automatic cooking and easily view what’s cooking on each shelf and how much time is left.

Ideal for:

For in-house baking, product versatility and peace of mind in even baking.

For variable temperature control to achieve delicate results, even baking for different types of patisseries.

For optimum temperature control, product diversity and perfect crusts for different types of baked goods.

Convenience stores
For quality grab and go products with extended shelf life in a limited space



BakePro baking feature in the Convotherm combi creates an ideal, constant oven cavity climate for all baked goods, regardless of whether they are fresh, pre-proofed, frozen or parbaked. Frozen baked goods do not need to be warmed or thawed. BakePro ensures optimal rising, ideal elasticity of the crumb and an optimal sheen.

Diversity in products – Be it sweet or savoury, small or large, fresh or frozen, raw or par-baked products all with Bake Pro as standard.

Ease of operation – Thanks to the intuitive user interface and the full touch glass display that delivers brilliant images even at a great distance, operating a Convotherm combi oven is particularly simple for operators at any skill level.

Complete control – Convotherm can adjust humidity, temperature, air speed and baking time to your specification and EasyTouch models can control each individual tray to adjust baking times to load quantities.

Perfect results – Ensure maximum baking uniformity, external browning and, with the ability to extract humidity and moisture, enhance the formation of soft and dense internal structures to deliver perfect baking, every time.

Ideal for:

Function centres, conference venues
For high volume food production with limited staff and short service times.

Hotels, casinos, pubs
For kitchens with space limitations, limited staff and quality grab and go products.

Care sector facilities
For food by demand and stress-free servicing in large quantities of food simultaneously with limited kitchen staff. Prepare food in advance and regenerated it in bulk when needed.

Room service
For quick delivery, consistent results and peace of mind 24/7 without additional experienced staff.

Correctional facilities
For tight budgets and meeting safety and security with food safety regulations.

Schools, Universities
For meeting student expectations, menu diversity and food safety regulations.



Convotherm’s regeneration function will prepare your food efficiently in advance and ensure perfect storage using Cook&Chill. At the required time, your foods can be finished in the Convotherm combi quickly and conveniently at the tap of a finger.

Whether for service or self- service, you only regenerate the amount that is in demand.


That ensures consistent quality, freshness and an appetising appearance. Any possible overproduction can be used economically and sensibly in the à-la-carte business.

For a large number of guests, large quantities of food can be served with perfect timing thanks to rolling regeneration.

Ideal for:

For high volume production, short service times and consistent quality.

Schools, Colleges, Universities
For speed of service, sustainable food delivery, menu variety and lowering food waste.

Care sector facilities
For healthy menus, reliable quality and patient satisfaction.



Preparing for a banquet scenario, what matters is quantity, variety, quality and time. Convotherm’s intelligent production concept can prepare all the food in advance then finish them with precision timing. Match with complimenting banquet trolleys and accessories for stress-free servicing.

Versatility – The additional tray capacity and mixed load cooking capability take the stress out of preparing large quantities and getting different dishes ready for service.

Convenience – To make the most of your time under the constraints of short service, the combi-steamer allows you to plate prior to service and with the holding function, keep food in the mobile plate rack warm and ready to go.

Ease – For hassle-free room service, the Convotherm combi oven ensures a quality ready-plated room service menu available for guests around the clock – without the need for additional staff.

Ideal for:

For consistent quality, menu versatility and the everyday ease of use.

For the highest quality, continued service support and cost-efficiency.


Sous Vide

Steaming at low temperatures demands accuracy and consistency. Convotherm takes any unnecessary speculation out of the equation – chefs do not need to constantly monitor steaming to ensure the dish is cooking at the right temperature.

Ideal for:

For consistent quality, menu versatility and the everyday ease of use.

For the highest quality, continued service support and cost-efficiency.



(*Only applicable to Convotherm maxx pro easyTouch models)

The exclusive ConvoSmoke function is integrated into the cooking profile and transforms your maxx pro into an ideal smoker. The permanently installed heating elements in the maxx pro easyTouch models require no additional power connection.

Use this intelligent smoking option in any phase of the cooking process and all cooking modes without smoking up the rest of your kitchen. Thanks to the ACS+ closed system that kept the concentration of smoke in the oven which speeds up the smoking process.

In the HotSmoke mode, you can create different intensities of the smoke aroma as HotSmoke can be set during different phases of your cooking process.


For instance, cook briskets or turkey and finish it off by adding in the smoking component in the last stage to give a light smoke aroma to your proteins. Or simply smoke the product throughout the cooking process for a more intense smoked aroma.

The ConvoSmoke also features a ColdSmoke option for a more classic approach to sensitive foods, such as salmon, trout and cheese. As the smoker box is activated, the number of smoker bisquettes used and the duration of the smoke determines the intensity of the smoke during the cold smoking process. It can be integrated into a multi-stage cooking profile as desired.

Cleaning is made easy as the heating element is cleaned during the regular appliance cleaning process to remove any combustion residue. The smoker box is removable for easy cleaning under running water.

Smart technology for efficient processes

An overall concept linking performance and cost-effectiveness together. No matter you are using automatic or manual cooking, the Convotherm Management Functions makes work especially easy, safe and efficient, allowing you and your team to perform at your peak day in day out.