With raw power and technical precision the Convotherm 4 is your ticket to quality meals each and every time. The adaptable nature of the combi-steamer provides a huge opportunity for businesses to change how and when they prepare their menus – by freeing up space once used for conventional cooking methods this technology can vastly improve overall kitchen efficiency. And, with various sizes to suit every type of kitchen, it will fit right in so you can step right up.

Roast: Reduce cooking time with maximum flavour and minimal weight loss.
Grill: Cook steak and other protein products to perfection, at the right time and temperature with tenderness and moisture retained.
Steam: Steam any kind of food quickly and effectively without any transfer of flavours across trays.
Slow cook: Ensure accurate temperature and control weight loss to deliver maximum flavour and texture.
Overnight cook: Enjoy accurate temperature control and holding features for maximum benefits when roasting or slow cooking overnight. There’s no need for supervision either. It can work the entire day, containing costs and increasing yields without increasing your equipment budget.
Smoke: Smoke meats vegetables perfectly at the touch of a button with the fully integrated smoking option in bench top electric EasyTouch models.
Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+). Ensure outstanding heat recovery when loading menu items during service and eliminate time delays in the meal production. The ACS+ retains heat in the cooking chamber and efficiently reduces heat loss, reducing cooking times and speeding up service.
Tray timer system: Control cooking times for individual items and take the stress out of having to focus on many things at once.

Ideal for:

For consistent quality, menu versatility and return on investment.
For the highest in serving quality, continued support and cost effectiveness.
Function centers, conference venues
For high volume food production, short service times and consistent quality.
Convenience stores, supermarkets
For limited space, energy costs, ease of training and extended shelf life.
Schools, Colleges, Universities
For speed, sustainable food, menu variety and regulatory requirements.
Quick Service Restaurants
For speed of service, menu versatility and ease of cleaning.
For 24/7 foodservice, menu expansion and enhanced profit margins.
Health and Aged Care
For consistent and compliant food production, all with HACCP recording.


Be it with the continued rise of restaurants baking in-house or the continued evolution of patisserie and bakery offerings, every business needs a combination of raw power and soft touches when it comes to delivering consistently great results. The Convotherm 4 series makes everything as simple as possible.

Diversity in products. Be it sweet or savoury, small or large, fresh or frozen, raw or par-baked products all with Bake Pro as standard.
Ease of operation. With programs intuitive to use and set thanks to the EasyTouch image icons quality is maintained each and every time despite the various skill levels of operators.
Complete control. The Convotherm 4 series can adjust humidity, temperature, air speed and baking time to your specification and EasyTouch can control each individual tray to adjust baking times to load quantities.
Perfect results. Ensure maximum baking uniformity, external browning and, with the ability to extract humidity and moisture, enhance the formation of soft and dense internal structures to deliver perfect baking, every time.

There is a large range of products that can be baked to perfection in a Convotherm 4 combi-steamer including:

  • Bread rolls, baguettes, whole bread loaves
  • Leavened cakes without crust
  • Biscuits
  • Cakes and sponges
  • Cheesecakes
  • Browned bread rolls
  • Croissants, Danish and puff pastry products
  • Choux pastries (cream puffs, éclairs)
  • Pretzel products
  • Pizza

Ideal for:

For in-house baking, product versatility and even baking peace of mind.
For delicate results, even baking and variable temperature control.
For product versatility, perfect crusts and ideal temperature control.
Convenience stores
For quality grab and go products with extended shelf life, from a limited space


Banqueting can be seen as a numbers game. Yet, irrespective of whether it’s one meal or a thousand, you need to deliver a number one result on the plate. To do so you need the peace of mind that only superior technology can provide – no matter the speed or stress of the task at hand. The Convotherm 4 series offers power, expedience and simplicity of operation. So you can be 100% confident in the quality of the meals delivered.

Versatility. It’s the ‘all in one solution’ for efficient and consistent high volumes of food production.
Convenience. To make the most of your time under the constraints of short-service, the combi-steamer allows you to plate prior to service and, with the holding function, keep food in the mobile plate rack warm and ready to go.
Ease. For hassle-free room service the Convotherm 4 ensures the room service menu can be ready-plated and available to guests around the clock without a drop in freshness or quality – all without the need for additional staff.

Ideal for:

For small space limitations, limited service and quality grab and go products.
Function centers, conference venues
For high volume food production, short service times and consistent quality.
Room service
For quick delivery, consistent results and enduring peace of mind.
Correctional facilities
For tight budgets and meeting safety and security with food safety regulations.
For meeting student expectations and safety regulations quickly and easily.


It’s the motto of the scouts for a good reason. ‘Be prepared’ is the best way to go through life – and it’s as true in the kitchen as it is in the wilderness.

With superior regeneration technology you can control the quantities and time of service in a flexible, consistent manner with a carefully controlled process of regenerating from chilled or frozen. In the process you’ll avoid expensive over-production or loss of quality.

This quality is crucial to the modern kitchen. Food kept warm for too long deteriorates dramatically in appearance, taste and texture. Being able to prepare meals before they are required without losing any of the quality is a huge asset – and with the Convotherm 4 food can stay at it’s peak for up to three days without additional preservation.

It’s regeneration strength the Convotherm 4 can provide for kitchens of all sizes – even a small, one-unit operation can prepare large quantities within a very short time without any of the stress. The end result is ideal – hot meals of the highest quality delivered quickly and confidently.

Ideal for:

For high volume production, short service times and consistent quality.
Schools, Colleges, Universities.
For speed of service, sustainable food delivery and menu variety.
For healthy menus, reliable quality and patient satisfaction.

Sous Vide

Steaming at low temperatures demands accuracy and consistency. The Convotherm 4 series takes any unnecessary speculation out of the equation – chefs do not need to constantly monitor steaming to ensure the dish is cooking at the right temperature.

Ideal for:

For consistent quality, menu versatility and everyday ease of use.
For the highest quality, continued service support and cost efficiency.


(*Only applicable to Convotherm 4 models)

You need meat, fish and vegetables to meet the highest expectations of an increasingly food-savvy market. The Convotherm 4 can provide hot and cold smoked food across a wide variety of menu options and, when compared with using traditional methods, smoking in a combi-steamer requires minimal effort for maximum flavour.

Ideal for:

For consistent quality, menu versatility and everyday ease of use.
For the highest quality, continued service support and cost efficiency.