Management Functions:

Optimised workflows for the best results

The Convotherm Management Functions:

A combi steamer is a versatile addition to your commercial kitchen. Its adaptive nature helps provide an efficient workflow for those who are looking to improve the preparation and cooking process. The Convotherm combi steamers guarantee first-class consistency in cooking and baking results. Day in and day out, perform at your peak in tempo, quality and flexibility with its four Convotherm Management Functions.

convotherm climate management

Best performance in the most energy-efficient combi cooking

With its German-engineered technical advancement and raw power, the Convotherm Climate Management function ensures the lowest possible energy consumption while optimising the cooking climate for different food types and for the best baking results.

Moisture on demand: HumidityPro

HumidityPro feature allows you to specify additional moisture during the combi-steaming mode, giving you the flexibility to achieve your ideal succulent results. It is also a great feature for holding food because it prevents water from evaporating from the final product and keeps the moisture locked inside.

Quick moisture removal: Crisp&Tasty

The active removal of steam and the simultaneous introduction of fresh air dehumidify the cooking chamber in no time. Afterwards, the food attains an appetising crispness by means of pure hot air. The five moisture removal levels in the Crisp&Tasty function can be selected manually or programmed.

convotherm crisp&tasty

Convotherm Climate Management at a glance:

– Natural Smart Climate ™: Automatically adjust to the right climate for every type of food or baked goods.
– HumidityPro: 5-level custom moisture control
– Crisp&Tasty: 5-level quick moisture removal and pure hot air for crispy results
– ecoCooking: Can be switched on at 30°C, ideal for foods with long cooking times
– Delta-T cooking: Gentle cooking in the low-temperature or sous-vide range – even overnight

convotherm quality management

Safeguards the best cooking and baking results

From sensitive to quick-cooking or baking, Convotherm’s airflow management can precisely introduce moist or dry air or quickly remove moisture from the cooking chamber. With finely tuned five-level variable fan speed and sophisticated airflow technology, you can always achieve perfectly uniform quality results, even with the most sensitive products.

convotherm bakepro

Tradition baking function: BakePro

Bake with confidence using the BakePro feature. It creates an ideal and constant oven cavity climate for any baked goods, regardless of whether they are fresh, pre-proofed, frozen or parbaked. There is no need to warm or thaw frozen baked goods. BakePro also optimises rising and ensure an ideal crumb elasticity with crispy finished products. The finished products remain crisp and fresh for significantly longer.

Quick moisture removal: Crisp&Tasty

The Crisp&Tasty feature maintains total consistency across all shelves. The active moisture removal within the oven cavity in the hot-air mode creates an exceptionally crispy crust on the outside while maintaining a tender core.

convotherm crisp&tasty

Convotherm Quality Management at a glance:

– AirFlow Management: Precise and flexible air control for perfect baking results.
– BakePro: Traditional, 5-level baking function for all baked goods.
– Crisp&Tasty: Perfect and long-lasting crispy results
– Variable fan speed: With 5 levels as well as off to ensure top results
– ConvoSmoke: Optional function for hot and cold smoking, integrable in the cooking profiles

Smart technology for efficient processes

Automatic or manual cooking and baking made exceptionally easy with Convotherm’s production management function – simplifying the workflow, making it safe and efficient for you and your team in the kitchen.

convotherm press&go

Quick access for Automatic cooking: Press&Go

Press&Go gets you started immediately by providing a list of different product categories to select from. It automatically preheats the oven cavity based on the product selection and adjusts the temperature to compensate for heat loss during door opening.

The integrated cookbook with six preset product categories allows storage for up to 399 cooking profiles on all easyTouch models. Create your own recipes with up to 20 cooking steps on each profile that can be later retrieved by any staff with a touch of a button.

Maintain an overview during automatic cooking: TrayView

TrayView is only available on easyTouch models. With rolling mixed loads, it shows you precisely what is cooking or baking and the remaining time on each shelf. The TrayView programs will automatically recalculate the extra time required to compensate heat losses cause by opening the door and different load sizes. When a product is finished, the program will alert you both visually and by sound as well.

convotherm trayview

Manual mode for experts

Always remains in control during your cooking or baking process as you can intervene at any time, even when a preset cooking profile is selected. Manually set cooking and baking parameters in advance and use TrayTimer to set precise cooking or baking time for the individual shelf to meet your exact requirements.

Networked cooking via LAN and WiFi

The LAN and WiFi capability in the Convotherm easyTouch models allow online access for software updates, centralise new recipes upload to multiple appliances within the network and easy access to HACCP data.

Convotherm Production Management at a glance:

– Press&Go: Automatic cooking in different product categories, easily at the tap of a finger
– Integrated recipe book for cooking and baking: Saving up to 399 cooking profiles in easyTouch models and up to 99 cooking profiles in easyDial models with easy access
– TrayView: Full control over rolling mixed loads
– HACCP management: Evaluate HACCP data easily and analyse workflows
– Connectivity: Networked cooking via series WiFi or LAN interfaces
– Cook&Hold: Automatically lowers the temperature at the end of cooking sequence to combine cooking and holding in one.

convotherm cleaning management

Total reliability when it comes to cleaning.
And environmentally safe too.

Convotherm’s fully automatic ConvoClean is effortless and safe without the need to be in contact with chemicals during the cleaning process. Use multi cleaning modes based on various time and soil levels, you can start the cleaning process in between service time to ensure your combi oven is ready for the next rush.

HygieniCare solutions for maximum safety

1. Sterilisation made easy: HygienicSteam

At a tap of a button, the reliable and cost-effective HygienicSteam safely sterilises kitchen utensils and other heat-resistant kitchen tools with a 30-minute cycle at 130°C.
*Only available in easyTouch models

2. Play it safe: Hygienic antibacterial handles

The handles of all operating contact surfaces are made of antibacterial and antimicrobial plastics – optimising food safety and reducing the growth of micro-organisms for the entire life of the appliance.

For powerful external cleaning: Certified splash-water protection

The Convotherm combi steamers are protected comprehensively against the entry of splashing water in accordance with protection rating IPX5. It is particularly resistant to conventional cleaning agents and avoids any interior contamination during cleaning and intensive disinfection of the surroundings.

Convotherm Cleaning Management at a glance:

– Flexibility: 4 cleaning settings and 3 cleaning modes to choose from
– Eco mode: Economises on cleaning fluid, energy and water
– Express mode: Cleaning in only 38 minutes, thorough rinsing in only 5 minutes
– Cleaning Scheduler: Schedule your cleaning times in advance (only available in easyTouch models)
– Customised cleaning profiles: Create your own and start in an instance
– HygienicSteam: Easy steam sterilisation for cooking utensils (only available in easyTouch models)
– Hygienic handles: Reduce the multiplication of micro organisms
– Splash water protection: Certified to protection class IPX5