Banqueting made simple with Convotherm

Banqueting made simple with Convotherm
May 7, 2019 Moffat


For large scale cooking operations such as hospitals, healthercare sector or catering companies, it’s essential that you invest in equipment that can handle the immense output, while still producing food of the highest quality. For this application, chefs need look no further than the Convotherm range of combi-steam ovens for their banqueting needs.

Quantity with quality

Investing in a Convotherm combi-steam oven allows chefs to prepare a large volume of dishes in advance – meaning that when it comes to the dinner rush, half of the work is already done. These ovens allow for regenerate cooking, where pre-cooked or frozen foods are reheated with a gentle rise to a serving temperature. This doesn’t come at any detriment to the quality – the ACS+ functions within Convotherm, that guarantees perfect steam saturation for faster and more even cooking results. While the Crisp&Tasty setting makes sure that food has a golden exterior while not becoming dried out.

There are many different sizes of combi-steam ovens within the Convotherm range, however for caterers, the Convotherm 40-tray combi-steamer oven is the best candidate for the cooking challenge. This oven can cook up to 122 plates in one cooking cycle, with some regeneration times only taking around eight minutes.

Quick cleaning

In addition to incredibly fast cooking times, combi-steam ovens within the Convotherm4 range, are developed for speed in cleaning too.

The fully automated cleaning system ConvoClean+ has three different functions depending on the needs of your operation. For those working in hospitals and health care sector in particular, maintaining a high level of food hygiene is crucial for patient wellbeing. The express cleaning mode of ConvoClean+ means that you can carry out a thorough deep cleaning processes even during peak service times.

The Convotherm range of cooking equipment allows for individual tray timers and conditions, meaning that you can cook a variety of different dishes during the same cooking cycle, with minimal flavour transfer or discrepancy in cooking quality.


Time for a change

With the benefits considered – what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the switch to Convotherm. With a variety of sizes and specifications, Convotherm are sure to have the perfect equipment to bring efficiency and a high quality of cooking to your kitchen operation. For more information on the dynamic range of Convotherm combi-steam ovens, get in touch with the experts at Moffat.