Start smoking with Convotherm

Start smoking with Convotherm
March 29, 2016 Moffat

Start smoking with Convotherm

As a chef, it was my responsibility for many years, to be the creative mind behind the dishes and menus that set us apart from other restaurants in the area.

Every season, or thereabouts, I would lock myself away in a room, and try and come up with new ideas that would wow the patrons, and ensure the dining room was as full as possible on any day. However, after many years, the new ideas became harder to develop, our competitors were improving, and we were exhausting the capability of our kitchen equipment to create these new flavours.

Cue the Convotherm 4 EasyTouch with optional smoker. Available in all stand mount EasyTouch combi ovens, the optional Smoker allows you to diversify your ingredients and flavours, not only in the ways you may imagine.

The integrated EasyTouch control panel allows your Convotherm combi oven to automatically multi-step cook with a smoke profile while the Advanced Closed System (ACS) keeps all smoke within the oven ensuring a safe smoke free environment. You’re now able to smoke all those meats and seafood, smoked almonds for your new menu salad, or smoked cheddar to incorporate into your newest entrée. You can even smoke the sea salt you season your foods with to add that extra touch.

Pulled pork and ribs come easy with Convotherm

The strength and flavour of the smoke is up to you, and why stop with the traditional hickory or maple? You can use the various flavoured smoking bisquettes, perhaps some tradional chips soaked in beer, cassia bark, cinnamon sticks, or even coffee beans for that coffee smoked brisket dish you’ve been wanting to add. All of the sudden, those new ideas you’ve been struggling with, have been opened up to a whole new world of possibilities. And the best thing is, it’s all possible in the Convotherm combi-oven you use everyday!

Once your smoking is complete, the new fully automatic Convoclean system, as standard on Convotherm 4, ensures all smoke residue is gone ready for your next signature dish, and full dining room.

Perry Peters – Moffat Account Manager VIC – Executive Chef Food Service and Product Manager Combis CFSP.

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