Convotherm automated ease with ConvoClean

Convotherm automated ease with ConvoClean
May 31, 2019 Moffat

There are countless ways a Convotherm combi-steam oven transforms kitchen operations. From the incredible ease of use to the unrivalled cooking quality, the Convotherm name has become synonymous with reliability. After the tables are empty and the cookers are switched off, this reliability continues into the cleaning process with the intuitive ConvoClean technology.

Ease of automation

It’s no secret that a commercial kitchen is a hub of organised chaos. Between the array of food prepared and the many dishes being plated and served, a kitchen can quickly become messy if cleaning isn’t kept up with. This includes cooking equipment, such as ovens. After a long shift of cooking, proper cleaning of ovens can be an afterthought for many kitchen staff. Convotherm combi-steam ovens alleviate this chore through ConvoClean and ConvoClean+ – a benchmark in automated cleaning technology.

Maximum flexibility with minimum consumption

One of the key principles of the fully automatic ConvoClean self-cleaning system is maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. ConvoClean was developed with different operating functions for a range of specifications.

For Convotherm combi-steam ovens equipped with easyTouch full-touch screen control panel, ConvoClean+ allows kitchen operators to personalise their cleaning processes for their needs. For a deep and efficient clean of your Convotherm combi-steam oven, simply select from one of the three modes, including:

Eco mode

The ideology of minimising consumption is embodied in the eco mode of ConvoClean+, not only saving on power, but cleaning fluid and water too. This is a fantastic function to utilise as optimum hygiene and cleaning can still be achieved while producing a smaller footprint and using less product than traditional commercial cleaners or man-power.

Express mode

Time is a luxury few can afford in many commercial cooking operations. Oven cleaning can be time-consuming, and is an activity often reserved for after business hours. Ultra fast cleaning is made a reality in ConvoClean+, and even allows you to carry out deep cleaning processes during operational hours.

Regular mode

Blending efficiency and thorough cleaning processes, the regular mode of ConvoClean+ is anything but what its name suggests. Through the fully automatic cleaning process, steam-disinfection and drying cycles, your oven is guaranteed to be cleaned to high standards of hygiene every time – simply started with the press of a button.

Regular mode is also featured in the easyDial iteration of the Convotherm combi-steam ovens, with automatic dispensing of cleaning fluids, meaning you and your staff don’t need to worry about gloves or skin coming into contact with often harsh cleaning chemicals.

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