The importance of ventilation in your commercial kitchen

The importance of ventilation in your commercial kitchen
May 31, 2019 Moffat

For many kitchens all over the world, saving space is a top priority. If a kitchen is too crowded, it can be difficult for staff to work efficiently and can cause accidents during the cooking process.

Even if space is at a minimum, it’s important that all commercial kitchens have an efficient ventilation system in place as only can greatly impact the well-being of your kitchen staff and ensure the premises remain operable. For this reason, Convotherm’s Convovent4+ condensate hood is a great ventilation solution that is readily retrofitted to the range.

Why do kitchens need ventilation?

Understandably, commercial kitchens are places of high temperatures, due to the amount of food being cooked, cooking times, and the size of the equipment being used. Proper ventilation ensures that while the temperatures are being regulated, the air in the kitchen is always fresh and clean as well.

Kitchens that aren’t well ventilated can become hazardous, especially where grease or oil is considered. As grease evaporates during cooking, it can stick to the ceiling and walls of the kitchen. This is incredibly detrimental to the hygiene levels of your kitchen and can reduce the quality of air for your employees. Furthermore, efficient ventilation helps keep odours under control in your kitchen – the last thing you need is for your restaurant or cafe to be associated with bad smells.



Clean the air with Convovent4+

Forget traditional clunky canopies, and say hello to Convovent4+. These electric condensate hoods are designed specially to work in collaboration with Convotherm4 combi-steam ovens. This means that you can retrofited it with any Convotherm4 electric combi-steam oven, and it will automatically turn on when your combi steamer is operational.

The Convovent4+ intuitively extracts steam, grease, and other airborne odours for a clean work environment and air quality. With a low power consumption and no need for a cold water connection, the Convovent4+ blends practicality and efficiency for a ventilation system perfect for any commercial kitchen



What are you waiting for? Make the switch to Convotherm. With an aim to inspire excellence in food preparation, the Convotherm range of combi-steam ovens are sure to bring a new era of efficiency to your kitchen and transform your cooking practices. For more information about what Convotherm can do for your kitchen, get in touch with the team at Moffat.