Convotherm easyTouch4

Convotherm easyTouch4
May 31, 2019 Moffat

As the pioneers at the forefront of smart cooking solutions, Convotherm combi-steam ovens have found homes in kitchens all over the world, revamping cooking processes with their unmatched ease of use. The introduction of easyTouch has revolutionised the definition of convenience in kitchens, and has changed the game in not only creating precise cooking conditions, but assisting chefs and their staff.

Help is here

While the functions of Convotherm easyTouch full touchscreen control panel brings cooking into the future, the design itself fosters familiarity. The interface of the easyTouch panel was developed with ease of use in mind, isn’t unlike one you’d find on a smartphone or tablet, and requires little training to navigate. The icon-driven controls of the user-configurable nine-inch touch panel mean that your kitchen staff can easily pick up functions and cooking processes as needed. Should problems occur, detailed servicing information means that you can identify and troubleshoot faults quickly. This isn’t your stock standard error message – detailed servicing information and on-screen help appear in the form of topic-based videos, so not only can your staff fix faults quickly, but they can learn the skills needed to rectify future situations.


Customised cooking conditions

The functions accessible through easyTouch4 not only allow for quick selection and straightforward processes but customisable, quality cooking.


No need to meddle with buttons – Press&Go covers your cooking bases, and is incredibly beneficial for restaurants and cafes that frequently use the same recipes This function utilises quick selection buttons without the need to enter in extra details such as size or browning size. Simply select the pre-programmed icon for your desired dish, and the cooking process tailored to the recipe launches immediately.


With a world of cooking capabilities at arms reach, chefs can continually improve skills and find new conditions best suited to the needs of their dishes. Convotherm will store these golden conditions for you – easyTouch has the capacity to store up to 399 individual cooking profiles with 20 steps in each.

Considering all the benefits of easyTouch4, it’s no wonder kitchens globally are turning to Convotherm for excellence in cooking equipment. If you’re ready to make the switch, get in touch with the team at Moffat for a friendly consultation or book a demo today.