Saving costs with your Convotherm

Saving costs with your Convotherm
May 31, 2019 Moffat

Keeping a close eye on operating costs is an integral part of any manager’s role. Ensuring that they are as low as possible, without compromising the quality of your operation’s output, can be a key balancing act – one that commercial kitchen operators know only too well.

Luckily, the Convotherm 4 combi oven is here to help. An energy-efficient appliance that sacrifices none of its cooking capabilities, the Convotherm 4 is the oven to help you cut the cost of running a busy kitchen. Here’s why.



Cutting the cost

When it comes to cutting the operating costs of your combi-steam oven, you’ll know that every watt and litre can add up over time. With an inefficient oven in place, power and water usage can soon skyrocket, leaving you with a hefty bill at the end of each month.


That’s where the Convotherm Comes in. The Advanced Close System Plus (ACS+) is a cutting-edge technology designed with cost-saving in mind. In short, the ACS+ is a pan lid, which ensures perfect steam saturation and produces faster more even heat transfer within the chamber in convection cooking. It will also automatically adjust the humidity level during combi-steam cooking. Above all, these features will help you conserve energy and shorten your cooking time.

How? Well, because when all that moisture and energy is captured and cannot escape, there’s less need for power and water as the temperature rises rapidly.

So, if you’re in the market for a new Convotherm and are looking to save cost, look no further than the 4 Series. Book in a demonstration and see it in action for yourself.