Increase your output with mixed loading

Increase your output with mixed loading
June 3, 2019 Moffat

Space is a luxury few can afford in the world of commercial cooking. Regardless of whether you’re operating a high end restaurant or a small cafe, having a kitchen that isn’t overcrowded with equipment while producing a sustainable output for your operation is key to success. Enter the Convotherm range of combi-steam ovens with intuitive tray timers – set to shake up your kitchen practices for the better.

Revolutionised tray customisation

A common headache for kitchen operators is timing the different parts of a dish correctly so they are cooked and served around the same time. However, this issue is further pressed when many different meals are being prepared at a time, with different heat specifications needed. With the Convotherm range of combi-steam ovens, having multiple appliances of the same variation isn’t necessary. This allows different sections of the kitchen to use the oven without needing to wait but also mixed load – the beauty of the closed system that allows a mixture of food to be cooked simultaneously without flavour transfer within the chamber. This also enabling chefs to cook a range of items within the same load.


The easyTouch iteration of the Convotherm combi-steam ovens makes it easy for the users to customise the cooking time for any specific dish. Each tailor-made suction panel distributed hot air evenly throughout the chambers. This promotes consistent browning even when the combi-steamer is fully loaded.

Combi-steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens worldwide due to their speed and blending of heat technologies, including convection, steam, and impingement heat. No matter the size of your kitchen, there’s a Convotherm combi perfect for you – with tray capacity ranging from the miniature iterations with six trays, to the larger 40-tray versions with the ability to cook 122 plates in one cooking cycle.

Ready to make the switch? We’re here to help. Reach out to one of our Moffat experts for find the perfect Convotherm combi for your kitchen.