Safe sous-vide cooking with Convotherm

Safe sous-vide cooking with Convotherm
May 31, 2019 Moffat

Having equipment that can tackle a range of tasks is essential for all kitchens, not only for the sake of cost-efficiency, but to save valuable bench space. Making sure there is ample room in your kitchen for employees to move around and prepare food is key for productivity and workplace safety. This is particularly important when it comes to sous-vide cooking. Convotherm’s range of combi-steam ovens allow chefs to prepare food in a variety of cooking techniques, including sous-vide for safe and efficient kitchen processes.


What is sous-vide cooking?

A French term meaning “under vacuum”, sous-vide cooking is the process of sealing food in a bag and heating it through at specific temperatures in a water bath. This cooking process locks in natural colours and flavours for incredibly enhanced textures and tenderness.  As this process cooks food through at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, you can be sure that foods aren’t going to be over-cooked or dehydrated while being heated.

Many chefs exclude sous-vide from their kitchen operations as traditionally it can be a messy and dangerous method of food preparation. No matter the size of your kitchen, a hot water bath can be an accident waiting to happen and takes up valuable bench space. The Convotherm range of combi-steam ovens eradicates this issue by allowing chefs to use the sous-vide function in a safe and contained piece of equipment.

Convotherm combi-steam ovens have a large enough chamber to cook big food items, despite having a small kitchen footprint. The additional sous-vide probe accurately senses the internal temperature of food, including dense or larger foods to ensure that they are cooked at an optimum temperature for high flavour quality.



Make the switch to Convotherm

From bustling local cafes to large scale catering operations, any kitchen can benefit from the excellence that a Convotherm combi-steam oven brings to the table. Convotherm design their products around the user and their needs. Their passion in listening to their consumers has led Convotherm to present the future of cooking in their combi-steam ovens, packed with a range of intuitive features such as automated cleaning processes and moisture injection. Between the digitally-driven interface and customisable cooking processes, it’s no wonder that the Convotherm range of equipment are transforming kitchens all over the world with their ease of use.

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