Revolutionize any kitchen with Convotherm “disappearing door”

Revolutionize any kitchen with Convotherm “disappearing door”
May 31, 2019 Moffat

Why the Convotherm ‘Disappearing Door’ will revolutionize any kitchen

It’s no secret that having a Convotherm combi-steam oven installed in your commercial kitchen is one of the savviest business decisions that you can make. Their acclaimed versatility, unerring consistency of quality and ease-of-use are just a few of the strings to their bow – and the ‘Disappearing Door’ is yet another.


This optional feature – unique to Convotherm’s range of combi-steam ovens – is a revolutionary part of the appliance. Let’s take a look at just what the Disappearing Door is, and how it can seriously enhance your kitchen.

Never invading your space

The Disappearing Door was designed with the busy commercial kitchen in mind, especially those where space is at a premium. When the going gets hectic, with numerous staff scurrying about and working on their various tasks, you’ll want an oven that won’t compromise safety or impede the functionality of your kitchen.

Rather than opening outwards as is the norm with conventional ovens, Convotherm’s Disappearing Door slides along the side of the appliance, lending more space to staff walking back and forth across the kitchen, without getting in their way and lowering the risk of getting burn from the heat inside the oven-door.

A safety-first approach

Ovens with conventional, protruding doors are an obvious safety hazard, with kitchen staff constantly zipping about with hot food, boiling pans of water, and the like. With the Disappearing Door, any protruding edges are taken out of the equation as the door safely slides away into its frame, greatly reducing the risk of a painful, potentially costly accident.

Additionally, because the Disappearing Door offers greater access to the oven inside, lifting out heavy trays of hot food (or indeed, sliding them in) is far easier than it would be with a conventional oven. Furthermore, you could utilise the loading trolley from a larger combi steamers. Making the cooking process of different food items effortless.

There really are no downsides to Convotherm’s Disappearing Door technology. Convotherm is the only manufacturer with this revolutionary feature available, so it makes perfect sense for commercial kitchen operators to take a closer look. Its space-saving capabilities, that greatly enhance the safety of any kitchen, means that investing in a Convotherm combi-steam oven is always going to be the wisest of moves a commercial kitchen owner can make.

Be sure to watch our video to find out more – or get in touch with our expert team, who’ll be only too happy to provide a demonstration.