Spend less time cleaning with Convotherm 4

Spend less time cleaning with Convotherm 4
April 28, 2016 Moffat

EasyTouch Operation

Whether it’s the daily mise-en-place, service period, ordering, or the time training and mentoring your staff, the chef never has enough hours in the long day to keep on top of everything they’d like. The last thing we need is to get bogged down in the grind of cleaning, taking precious time away from the other tasks that sets your business apart. Chefs know the importance of keeping your work environment pristine, and I always enjoy walking into a well presented kitchen each day.

Those smart enough to have the new Convotherm 4 as their kitchen partner, can carry on with what’s important, leaving the oven to look after itself. No matter what configuration of oven you decide, EasyTouch or EasyDial, gas or electric, bench or floor model, Convotherm 4 comes standard with the new benchmark automatic cleaning system in the market.

From the company that brought you the first fully automatic wash system in a combi oven, the automatic liquid feed means no handling of dangerous tabs, no chance of undissolved residue, shorter wash times and less time wasted, all at the press of a button.

The Convotherm 4 EasyTouch allows you to fine tune the time required, giving you options like Express & Regular, or if time is not an issue, saves you water and chemicals in Eco mode. And for those critical sites where hygiene is paramount, all models allow you to add a Sanitisation and Drying feature to ensure your oven is as clean as the day it arrived. There is even a Single Dose option for those who’d like management control of their chemicals, or for those in limited space. Also, with the new fully recirculating Convoclean + system, water consumption is market leading, as you’d expect from a company that went 100% Green in 2012.

So now, you can get back to the things that are important, that make our trade so rewarding.